Private sessions are a great way to get started with Pilates. These sessions are especially helpful if you:Pilates Student Taking Private Lesson

  • Are brand new to Pilates and want to ensure proper form in the exercises
  • Are recovering from an injury or need modifications to the routine
  • Have a specific fitness goal in mind and wish to work with an instructor to plan exercises to meet the goal
  • Need help re-focusing on your fitness routine
  • Prefer the privacy of a one on one session

The original Pilates workout was a private one-on-one session with a certified Pilates instructor This session is tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses. You will work on a variety of equipment including the speciality Pilates Cadillac developed specifically for one-on-one training, the reformer, the mat, and other pieces of Pilates equipment.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training sessions are intended for those clients who want to begin their Pilates training with a friend or family member. Semi-Private sessions are best suited for clients with similar fitness levels and fitness goals. This is a great solution for clients who would like to workout together and enjoy a less expensive option to a private session. The semi-private session follows the same system as the private session, but consists of two people working simultaneously with one certified Pilates instructor.

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