Class Descriptions

Perfect for the beginner new to Pilates or those returning after a longer break. The introductory workout will teach you the fundamental Pilates principles of core strengthening while refreshing your mind and body leaving you feeling happy, balanced, and recharged. This class creates long, lean muscles and improves posture by mobilizing your spine through several ranges of motion including flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation using traditional Pilates apparatus such as the reformer and springboard while incorporating small props like weights, the Pilates ring, BOSU, and more. This 50 minute class will fly by with endless exercise possibilities, so be prepared to have fun while improving your flexibility, muscle tone, and core strength!

The level 1 class is for those newer to Pilates reformer based workouts, those with less than 6 months experience. This class is a total body workout utilizing all apparatus available at Prima Pilates. You will experience a flowing and challenging yet safe workout. Ideal for those who are new to fitness, pregnant or have injuries. Level 1 classes are challenging yet nurturing. All Prima Pilates classes are reformer based plus we use all the other equipment available at our studio.

Our level 2 class is our most popular intermediate class that finds the happy spot in between our level 1 and level 3 classes. A full body workout is guaranteed each time. This class is intermediate in intensity and perfect for your daily Pilates practice. Ideal for those with a solid pilates foundation and 6+ month experience.

Our level 3 class is a flowing equipment based, fast paced, full body workout and will leaving you shaking and craving for more. This class is designed to give even the most experienced Pilates student a challenge. Ideal for those with 1+ years Pilates experience.

Our Cardio Jumpboard level 1 class is designed for those who are new to the Jumpboard. This class incorporates jumping on the reformer as an additional cardio workout, while circuit training other Pilates apparatus’ and strength training exercises. This class will fuse multiple Pilates modalities to sculpt and trim, activate the core and strengthen the entire body. This class, like all classes, will train your muscles to yield the greatest metabolic response for your body.

Our Cardio Jumpboard level 2 class is designed for those experienced Pilates students who want an intense cardio workout with 25 minutes of continuous jumping on the reformer plus 25 minutes of apparatus Pilates work. This class builds on the basic level 1 format providing a faster paced more intense workout.

Our Barre reformer class booty-bustin’, quad-quakin’ Barre exercises combined with our level 2 reformer repertoire. This class is still a reformer based apparatus class but expect more challenge and fun as we use the Barre in addition to all of the other pilates apparatus to help reshape and redefine your muscles.

STRETCH + REFORMER LEVEL 1stretch-reformer-class
This is our nicest, stretchy feel good, light intensity class offered at Prima Pilates. If you are very tight and need extra stretching, this class is for you. It includes a 10-15 minute full body warm up. After that you will effectively and safely stretch your entire body, lengthening your muscles from head to toe, for the remainder of the class. You will stretch using the Pilates reformer, mat, spring board, Barre, foam roller, fitness ball, and any other modalities available. You will learn how to incorporate breathing, active stretching, and muscle contraction techniques to lengthen tight muscles that cause pain and limitations. This equipment and movement based class keeps a moderate flow. Try it; your body will thank you!

This class is a fun, fast-paced calorie torcher! You will be on the reformer for 30 minutes. Then for 20 minutes you will be on the mat incorporating the TRX Suspension Trainer to take your class to the next level! You will get a full body workout and you will leave each class feeling challenged and strong. Expect to get that heart rate up in this energetic, fast paced class! Ideal Pilates Experience: 6+ months of Pilates practice

In our Barre/TRX class you will feel challenged start to finish. Lengthen and Tone your muscles at the Ballet Barre with isometric moves (think tiny pulses) until muscle fatigue. TRX will make your whole body shake while performing moves such as planks, arm work and more! Not a muscle is missed in this fast paced, fun and challenging class. Ideal Experience: 6+ months of Pilates or strength training.

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