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Students Side Planking on the Pilates ReformerPrima Pilates aspires to partner with you in your commitment and desire to be a healthier individual inside and out while working the mind and body together. Our classes are small in size and our friendly and professional instructors are welcoming and highly trained to teach individuals of all levels. We offer classical Pilates movement with a fusion of modern techniques and adaptations to offer a fresh and fun fitness experience. Whether it’s group classes, private or semi-private sessions, we cater to everyone, even if you’re a first time Pilates student or a seasoned Pilates veteran. Our goal is to expose our clients to all of the unique pieces of equipment and assure a dynamic workout every time you visit.

Our Pilates equipment includes Balanced Body studio reformers, springboards and a variety of other apparatus. Our exceptional trainers come from diverse backgrounds and experience and we offer an array of classes for different fitness levels that will cater to your particular needs.

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