There are many life-changing benefits of planking. You may already be aware of certain perks, like that planks strengthen your core. But have you heard of the others?

From boosting your metabolism to helping relieve back pain, there is a reason we are such big fans of planking. Here are 7 amazing benefits of planking:

  1. Planks are one of the best core exercises, targeting many key muscle groups all at once.
  2. Planks improve posture through a few means, such as strengthening the spine and abdominal muscles.
  3. Planks help in lowering back pain. With the number of us with office jobs or on computers a lot, this is more critical than ever.
  4. Planks help to improve coordination.
  5. Planks have the ability to help improve one’s flexibility.
  6. Planks help in burning more calories by boosting metabolism. By strengthening the most massive muscle groups, you don’t only burn a lot of calories during the exercise itself; you burn more calories throughout the entire day.
  7. Planks help happiness levels; they’re a mood booster. Not only do planks help to release endorphins, they help to eliminate physical stressors that contribute to stress and anxiety.

Learn more about the beauty of planks from our resource, this blog: 7 Health Benefits of Plank Exercises (+5 Plank Variations You Should Know)

June was an Exciting Month for Prima Pilates. Here’s What’s Been Happening!

  1. We are very proud of the latest honor; Prima Pilates was voted the Best of Anaheim Pilates Studio!
  2. A huge thank you to everyone who has given us positive reviews on Yelp. Due to your efforts, we now have preferred status on Yelp!
  3. Participants dove into Pilates Bingo, which still going through the end of July. (You have until July 24 to keep going for the bingo!)

Get the Scoop on Upcoming Events

A lot has been going on here at Prima Pilates, and we want to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest news and events. For example, did you know the following?

  1. Exciting news: Our studio is now officially participating in the Silver Sneakers Program.
  2. Event Alert: We will have a booth at the Vegan Faire in Anaheim. Come get your health on and join us at:
    • Where: 201 Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805 in Downtown Anaheim
    • When: Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 4pm-10pm

  3. Have you been doing Pilates Bingo? If not, don’t worry because there’s still time. It continues now through end of July; it’s not too late to participate and receive prizes.
  4. Need more namaste? We added a Yoga Class on Sundays at 11:30 am. We invite you to come stretch and relax with Ashley . It sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday late morning, does it not?

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