It’s important to realize that, if we don’t sit correctly, driving can lead to aches and pains. But don’t worry; there’s a solution. Before you turn on the ignition, simply prep your body right.

We’ve put together specific tips for healthy driving posture; they are gleaned from both my Pilates training and the work of world-renowned Structural Integration expert, Mary Bond. (She wrote The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World (Healing Arts Press, 2006).

1. Your seat back should be as upright as possible, and the lumbar support completely deflated. Sounds crazy, right? But remember this: The manufacturer of your vehicle did not have your specific height and lumbar curvature calculations in mind, so it was not designed for your body.
2. Sit your buttocks all the way back into the crease of the seat, and align your three “domes.” Line up:

  • The roof of your mouth over your ribs
  • Your ribs over your hips
3. Place a bolster right below the tips of your shoulder blades. This bolster placement, devised by Ms. Bond, helps in a few ways:

  • It allows your core to do its job of helping to hold you upright.
  • It reminds you to breathe into your posterior spine.
  • It keeps your ribs in place. (I’ve been known to use my wallet/towel/sweatshirt when nothing else is available!)

Note: Ms. Bond adds that, for some, a lumbar roll may be comfortable.

4. Hold the steering wheel at four and eight o’clock. Not only will this help keep your shoulders away from your ears—making your neck happier—but also help you:

  • Connect to your back
  • Keep your abdominals firing
  • Keep your posture upright

We wanted to send a quick thank you to all who attended the Summer Kick-Off Palooza; it was a truly awesome event! We had so much fun seeing all your faces. It’s impossible to choose what part what our favorite; there were too many fantastic stations to choose from, like:

  1. Rolf massage with Shannon
  2. Essential Oils with Karen
  3. LulaRoe goodies with Jenn
  4. The great 30 minute mat classes

Here are a few photos of the event – nostalgic for those who were there, showing what happened for those who weren’t able to attend this time around!

Get excited for our newest challenge. For the months of June and July, we will be having some friendly in-house competition. How?

Playing Pilates Bingo!

We’ll be trying it all. Whether it’s:

  • Mastering a new or challenging exercise
  • Meeting our fitness goals
  • Or, hey, finally working up the courage to try a patterned workout pant!

In that spirit, this will be a challenge to all of our clients – Pilates Bingo. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo though. You won’t find G14 or B9 on this bingo board.

Here’s how to play:

  • Print the board below or pick up a copy at either studio to play.
  • Every time you complete a box, ask an instructor for a signature.
  • Every bingo earned will have the chance to receive:
    • Essential oil samplers
    • A 10%, 20%, or even a $10 Prima Cash to be used towards our merchandise.
    • The winner of the most Bingos will receive a special prize.

Good luck, happy bingo-ing, and enjoy our Summer challenge!

Why This Silver Medalist Swears By Pilates

Olympians and world champions, like 17-year-old Maggie Voisin – an X Games silver medalist for free skiing – swear by Pilates.

“Pilates is just different, and it’s something that anyone can do—you don’t even need to be an athlete. It’s something I’m going do for the rest of my career and life,” says Voisin; she herself trains at Exhale Pilates in Whitefish, Montana.

She talks more concretely about why she is such a big fan. Watch this video to see why Maggie is so hooked on pilates.

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