Welcome to Prima Pilates, an open and inviting pilates studio in Anaheim Hills, CA. We offer pilates classes for all – no matter your age or experience level. Our team is passionate about partnering with clients to grow in mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s in group classes, private or semi-private lessons, our certified pilates instructors deliver individual attention and assistance to help you be the very best you can be, both inside and outside of the pilates studio.

About Prima Pilates

Prima Pilates aspires to partner with you in your commitment and desire to be a healthier individual inside and out while working the mind and body together. Our classes are small in size and our friendly and professional instructors are welcoming and highly trained to teach individuals of all levels. We offer classical Pilates movement with a fusion of modern techniques and adaptations to offer a fresh and fun fitness experience. Whether it’s group classes, private or semi-private sessions, we cater to

everyone, even if you’re a first time Pilates student or a seasoned Pilates veteran. Our goal is to expose our clients to all of the unique pieces of equipment and assure a dynamic workout every time you visit. Our Pilates equipment includes Balanced Body studio reformers, springsboards and a variety of other apparatus. Our exceptional trainers come from diverse backgrounds and experience and we offer an array of classes for different fitness levels that will cater to your particular needs.

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Why People Turn to Prima Pilates

People often come through our doors seeking pilates for a specific reason. For example, they:

  • Are bored with their current fitness routine. Simply hitting the gym or treadmill isn’t too enticing anymore!
  • Had an injury and heard that pilates is a powerful, safe way to build strength and get back to full health.
  • Need a time and place to relieve stress, get much needed “Me Time” and refresh.
  • Are looking to burn calories and get in shape.

So, whether you’re tired of the same old routine, need a break from busy, family life, seek sports rehabilitation or want to get the pilates body, we are here to help and guide you.

Worried about experience level?

Don’t be. As a matter of fact, more than ¾ of clients are totally new to this type of pilates, having only done basic mat pilates or no pilates ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned pilates veteran or brand new, there’s basic fundamental to advanced pilates classes for you.

What’s Unique About Prima Pilates

With 8 sets of reformers, we are still a relevantly small studio. Our size allows us to have an intimate setting with personalized, one-on-one attention. You aren’t a face in a crowd; you’re an individual who will get the best help and support from our instructors.

Our studio offering pilates in Orange County is open and bright, both metaphorically and literally. Light floods the studio to offer a sunny, uplifting experience. (This is especially great for anyone working inside an artificially lit, windowless office all day – time for some Vitamin D!)

How to Get Started

If you’ve never done this form of pilates before, we have a simple process for how to begin. Start with the Reformer Fundamentals class. It teaches critical basics for core pilates, such as:

  • How to engage the core.
  • How to connect your breathing with the movement
  • Pilates principles important to know and master, no matter your current fitness level, before moving on to more advanced moves.

After your initial class(es), meet with your instructor. As they work with you, they’ll be able to help you decide how many basic reformer classes would be good to attend before, safe and ready, moving up. And hey, there’s no right number – it’s all about each individual’s needs.

What You’ll Need

Really, the main thing needed is YOU.

Just make sure to wear appropriate clothing. We ask our clients refrain from wearing items with zippers, blings, etc. because of our work with equipment. Regular workout items, like leggings, yoga pants and T-Shirts, are perfect.

We are a toe sock studio, so to come rocking toe socks.

We Provide

No need to bring towels, mats or water bottles; we have those here for you.

Best of All: Easy Parking

Ever tried out a gym or studio in a busy retail location? When you’re running late to class, a jam packed parking lot is a fast way to get stressed for a time that’s supposed to be awesome.

Luckily, we’re based in a calm business park with ample parking – so you never have to stress over hunting for a spot.

Our Classes

Prima Pilates offers many different types of Pilates classes catered to all different skill levels and experience. All of our classes are tailored to help improve flexibility, muscle tone, and core strength while making you look and feel great!

Reformer Fundamentals

Reformer Level 2

Cardio Jumpboard Level 1

Barre + Reformer Level 2

Reformer Level 1

Reformer Level 3

Cardio Jumpboard Level 2

Stretch + Reformer Level 1

Women in TRX Classes at Prima Pilates in Anaheim Hills

Want Something Truly Unique? New TRX Classes

Our instructors are now certified in a very unique type of class – TRX. This is perfect for people seeking an even more intense workout or more variety to their fitness routine. It involves being half on the reformer, half on TRX. An amazing workout for anyone seeking challenging pilates in Orange County.

Like Barre? Prima Pilates also has another new class that’s a combination of Barre and TRX, a new and groundbreaking combination. After just a few of these, you’ll be amazed at the strength you’ve built. (No matter how shaky your legs feel halfway through!)

I had formerly been to 3 or 4 Pilates Studios and while they were all different and good, non of them were like Prima Pilates. This studio was open and bright and everyone was so inviting!

- Margaret
I love this studio because no matter who you are, your needs will be met. I used to be an avid cycler and did yoga on the side, but I didn't know what I was missing until I came to Prima Pilates. Whether you are in great shape and want that burn or you're working on your way up to it, the instructors are accommodating and pay great attention to detail!

- Katie
Everything is so clean! This is really important to me. Also, I love the fact that the classes are smaller with a more private setting. It is great to know that the instructors are watching us and correcting our form in order to help us improve and meet our goals. I've been to multiple studios and it's not like that everywhere...I just love our studio!

- Rachel
I’ve been attending Prima Pilates for a while and am so happy to have found it. I’ve taken classes with most of the instructors, who have all been great. I seem to take most of my classes with Erin and Augustin and truly appreciate their attention to safety and teaching proper form, especially because of my chronic back and neck pain. Previously, I don't feel my form was proper at other places I practiced, which resulted in painful flare ups. I have since discovered that much of it could have been avoided. Luckily, proper form instruction at Prima Pilates has made all the difference for me! This is the best I've felt in a long time, and I credit these instructors at Prima Pilates for helping me get there

- Christine
I had a wonderful time with Erin. She is so thorough and inspiring and knowledgeable, I definitely look forward to studying with her again. I plan to start Friday evening flexibility classes with her. Since I'm a bit far, I'll just do that one class. I've just been on a trip since our private class. I will most likely pay either for one month or for each class. If there are specials that you offer, I'd love to know about them as well!

- Alina
I feel very thankful and blessed that I was able to find Prima Pilates in Anaheim Hills. It's not just where I routinely exercise, it's a place that heals both my mind and body. My body was at its weakest point after finishing 7 months of intensive chemotherapy. I was desperate to find a way to gain back my energy and strength. Prima Pilates instructors took their time and expertise to help train my body, even with all the challenges and weaknesses that I had at that time. They found a way to give me back my health and strength. I am stronger both physically and, even more important, better mentally. I have to say I am now addicted to this facility!

I want to take this time to thank every single pilates instructor at Prima Pilates. I am truly grateful to all of you. I know you will keep up with the good work and want you to know that I am a true example of your hard work. Each and every one of you is making a powerful, positive impact in peoples' lives. Kudos and thanks to all of you.


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